A postpartum care expert is a professional who provides emotional, informational, and physical support to parents who have recently given birth. Typical services include caring for baby while parent(s) tend to their personal needs, helping older siblings transition to having a baby in the home, loving on pets, light housekeeping and meal prep, providing evidence-based information about healing from birth and baby care, connecting parent(s) with local resources, and running light errands.

My role is to support your family, as a unit, rather than solely focusing on your baby(ies). My services should be viewed as support, rather than childcare. In a nutshell, I’m there to help set your family up for a successful transition to having your new baby(ies) in your home. All services I provide are done while at least one parent is in the home, and extends to your family only.

I am a non-medical support person. Think of me as an extra set of eyes and ears in your home that can help you to identify when something may fall outside the range of normal – mentally, emotionally, or physically speaking. I do not provide any medical or metal health care or prescribe or administer medications of any kind, but I can help you spot potential warning signs and help you connect with your care provider to get the help you or your baby(ies) may need.

My service hours are between 9:00am and 5:30pm, so I can be home with our kiddo in the evenings. I am happy to refer you to my favorite postpartum colleagues who provide overnight care.

Navigating the NICU can be a challenge for many families. There are a number of ways in which I can support you during this difficult time including, but not limited to:

  • Helping you to navigate the hospital system
  • Helping you advocate for yourself and your baby
  • Education about kangaroo care
  • Activating your community for support
  • Bringing or ordering food for you
  • Facilitating a sleep calendar for you and your community of support
  • Helping you with pumping and milk delivery, if applicable
  • Essential home care tasks such as watering plants and bringing in mail

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Your healing body requires you to take it easily while you recover from major abdominal surgery for several weeks after birth. I can do all the heavy lifting for you while you recuperate. Think of me as your hands and feet, providing all of the care for your family and your home while you do the good work of resting. Sometimes, but not always, a surgical birth can present some feeding challenges – I can help you with that, as well. Whether you are chest/breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or feeding your baby formula, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to help you get your feeding relationship off to a great start!

In addition to providing medical or mental health care of any kind, my certifying organization, Cornerstone, does not authorize its birthworkers to participate in any activities that would put myself or the babies I come in contact with in any sort of danger or harm. For that reason, I reserve the right to refuse to proceed with a shift if I feel unsafe in your home environment for any reason. Furthermore, I am not authorized to engage in “crying it out” sleep training methods. I can, however, assist with gentle, physiological sleep support that is developmentally sound. 

You may choose to contract with me for a few days up to several weeks. I have a 3-hour minimum and 4-hour maximum shift requirement. If you need support beyond three months, I will be happy to refer you to a local nanny or other childcare provider.

In addition to making sure that I get plenty of rest and nourishment and ensure that I am up to date on all vaccines, I will remove my shoes upon entering your home, wash my hands and change my clothes, wear a triple-layer reusable mask with an n95 insert during times of necessity, wash/sanitize my hands frequently throughout my shift, and avoid coming into close contact with your baby’s(ies’) face. I practice social distancing and mask-wearing during times of necessity while not at work to reduce my exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. I will not work when I have symptoms of illness, or when I know that I have been in contact with someone who is ill.

I’m excited to work with you! Please complete my contact form or call me at (619) 883 – 5187, and we’ll schedule a 1-hour, no pressure in-home consultation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.