What does a typical postpartum care shift look like?

I will come to you.

I will meet you where you are on your parenting journey.

You do not have to dry your tears, get out of your pajamas, brush your hair or teeth, take a shower, or clean your house before I arrive.

Feeling better already?

When I arrive, I’ll wash my hands and make you a cup of tea or bring you a snack and a glass of water. We’ll sit down and have a chat about how you’ve been feeling – physically and emotionally, we’ll celebrate your successes, discuss current challenges, and come up with a plan for the day. I will answer all of your questions about healing from birth, what’s normal and what may be a potential warning sign that requires medical attention, baby care and feeding, provide you with referrals to local resources that you are seeking, and so much more.

A typical scenario for your visit may include handing me the baby(ies) so you can sleep, take a shower, practice self-care in whatever way that looks for you, or eat a meal at the correct temperature (I know youve been eating cold food!). You may also choose one or more of the following support options that I would love to take off your hands:

*Please note that your visits do not include deep cleaning such as walls, floors, windows,
bathrooms, or interiors of appliances.

Booking Process

My service hours are Monday – Friday between 9:00am and 5:30pm (Pacific Standard Time). I have a 3-hour minimum and 4-hour maximum requirement for all scheduled shifts. I generally have room in my schedule for up to three families at a time. Due to schedule limitations, it is recommended that you book my services as soon as you know that you’d like to work with me during your pregnancy.

My fees are $35/hour for singletons, $50/hour for twins, $65/hour for triplets. All fees for the duration of your contract must be paid before my first contracted shift. No refunds shall be issued for cancelled shifts for any reason. I will make every effort to provide you with a make- up shift based on my availability, in the event that you need to reschedule.

I provide services for families during the first three months (0 – 12 weeks) after birth. Beyond three months, I am happy to refer you to a local nanny or other childcare provider, if you are in need of additional support.

If your baby has an extended stay in the NICU, I will support you by: